Time flies when you are working your butt off

It is hard to believe today is our last full day of Residency. It is true that on Wednesday you think it will never end and then on Thursday you might think of a few reasons you’d like to stay a little longer. But once your Study Plans are submitted and approved, you really just want to get home to soak in a hot tub and then get your work going. And for the next 16 weeks, that is what we’ll be doing. Squeezing our creative practice and study or practicum or portfolio into the rest of our day-to-day lives. Packets are due every three weeks and in between there will reading, reflection, analysis, art making and critical writing, oh my.

Getting a handle on the hows and whats of Study Plans took some doing but the amazing Gz all bonded together to share information we picked up from our separate groups and sat side-by-side supporting each other through the process. And that is the real beauty of this progressive education. We learn so much from each other, it is staggering and it will take the long rides or flights home and a few days to digest everything. We had some delicious meals to gather round and a few bottles of wine too. We have all pretty much shared the G1 Cold – true bonding! And the weather, while odd for February, has been terrific.

So for our last day, I’d just like to say THANK YOU to the wonderful and uberly-talented friends I have met. I am going home with photographs, music, laughter, memories, loads of paper and books, Goddard swag and anticipatory thoughts of our next meeting in July! I’ll keep posting my process and any new information I get from Goddard. Safe journey home all. xoxo

See our Interdisciplinary Art Work Links to the right.

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