Lions and Tigers and Study Plans – oh my

Each semester students must develop, in conjunction with their advisors, the Study Plan. This is a detailed outline of what you will be doing over the 15 weeks we are at home and how we will manifest your study and practice.

There is a link on the sidebar to Brigitte’s G1 Study Plan so you can get some idea of what is expected. I’ll post my study plan here once it gets signed off on by my advisor. We lucky G-onederfuls are also expected to have an Overall Study Plan for the next 2.5 years – the questions are similar. Each advisors’ requirement for this to be completely complete is a little different but from what I understand they would all agree that this document will change over time so we should just do the  best we can. I’ve been advised to work the study plan out on paper first in Word and even just write one long piece about your thoughts and ideas. Then you can cut and paste pieces into the Study Plan where they fit. Once you’ve got your pieces ready,  paste the responses into the Study Plan form on my student file (SIS) – and SAVE them there. Once you get the OK from your advisor, you can then hit the SUBMIT button to have them permanently in your file. With all Study Plans remember to check in with the Degree Criteria so you know they all fit in to that piece.

As I go through finding books for your semester plan, I also make sure to hit the button to send the citation over to RefWorks. This will compile all my resources in one spot, let me save them in MLA (Modern Language Association) format in a Word doc or html. This has already saved me tons of time from a bibliographic perspective although looking up all the books and articles I might use takes some doing.

Here are the questions, the italics below each question is to help clarify the questions:

1. What are your overall learning goals for the semester? Describe the areas of inquiry, central themes, concerns and/or questions that your learning activities will address. How do you envision your creative and intellectual work evolving? How do you anticipate this work will move your practice forward?

1. Overall learning goals:
 Areas of inquiry, themes, questions:
 How will the work evolve?:
 How will the work move the practice forward?:

2. What creative projects will you undertake and what products do you envision emerging from your creative work this semester? Describe how this work will be documented and how it may contribute to the development and rigorous exploration of your interdisciplinary practice.

2. Projects undertaken, products emerging from:
  Documented how:

3. What critical discourses and theoretical concepts will you engage with this semester? Identify the artists; theorists; movements; fields of study; cultural, social and political frameworks; or other areas of knowledge that you plan to explore and describe how you see this work in conversation with your creative projects and/or contributing to your overall creative development. How will you document this activity; what written or other products-such as critical writing, essays, annotations, etc.-will emerge?

3. Critical discourses, theoretical concepts:
 Areas explored (artists, theorists, social, political, etc.)?:
 How is this in conversation with your work?:
 How is this documented (essays, annotations, etc.)?:

4. What specific resources do you plan to use? Include a bibliography, as well as other resources you plan to use. In addition, please describe how you envision co-learning with peers this semester.

4. Resources used (bibliography):
  Co-learning with peers:

5. Practicum Proposal: (During Practicum Residency) NA to G1 Plan but be thinking about it for the Overall.

6. How will the work you are planning for this semester advance you toward fulfillment of the MFAIA degree criteria? How does this semester’s study plan build upon previously identified areas for growth? (For students in the G4 semester, specifically identify any areas you need to address this semester to prepare you to enter the portfolio semester.)

6. How will work advance toward degree fulfillment?:
  How does it build on previous work?:

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