What is an artist?

The secret of success is … to be fully awake to everything about you & the more you learn the more you can appreciate & get a full measure of joy & happiness out of life. – LeRoy Pollack

There is an interesting article in Canadian Art magazine by Sarah Thornton in which she asks the question, “What is an Artist?” This is a question I often ponder and suspect many of my classmates do as well. As with all philosophical discourse, the questions far out way the answers – but then again, it is not always necessary for answers to be the answer, sometimes the questions are enough. Some of my questions  include: How do thought and spirit effect art? How is art valued? How are artists valued? Where does creativity burble up from? How is an artistic response to social constructs received? And does a negative or positive reception matter? How can the Buddhist concept of grasping relate to art practice? My list grows each day and the unravelling and digging deep into the dirt and grit of these questions is what is so interesting and inspiring.

Things I have learned thus far: You do keep warmer if you wear a hat to bed and if at all possible, always pack a hot water bottle. It was chilly last night but my toes were toasty warm thanks to the hot water bottle and the hat trick worked. A dear classmate has arrived to the frigid Vermont air from Alabama. She shivered through yesterday but assures us her blood will thicken by Saturday. Also, if you think you are packing too much, you’re not.

Goddard College is a very special place and the air is humming with thought and creative energy. It is like everyone is percolating with possibility. Breakfast first then Registration and Orientation later on today.

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